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One commen ground:
Satisfied customers

Our collections provide the right solutions to meet the needs of each customer. Explore the advantages Langheinrich has to offer.

From cotton to table setting – discover our production process


We know the exact requirements and will prepare a weaving concept with you in order to maximize flexibility of your required quantities.

By stocking the average quarterly amounts needed, delivery failures are eliminated.

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With our quality blended fabric Bosten / Roma, we can meet the requirements of on-board laundry services

Our worldwide on-board shipping service is just one out of our selling points.

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Trust us with equipping your trains. Many years of experience and the highest quality will leave a lasting impression on your travelers.

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Permanent analysis and quality control are not mere buzzwords. By guaranteeing a constant yarn quality, we ensure consistent quality of our production in regards to dimensional accuracy and tensile strength as well as the highest color stability due to indanthrene yarn dyeing.

We are able to produce all sizes and colors.

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(Hotels – Restaurants – Catering)

Not only do we offer a large selection of colors and assemblies, with our years of experience we also support you in the development of table concepts according to your interior.

A quick replenishment lead time and our 20-year availability guarantee are a matter of course.

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Interior decorators

Not only do we offer the broadest selection of products worldwide, we can also stand out with our maximum flexibility due to our innovative concept of using yard goods.

On top of that, we can guarantee a delivery capability within 48 hours.

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Do you have any questions regarding our services? We are happy to advise you personally.

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