A one-stop solution – from cotton to table setting

We invite you to take a look behind the scenes of our complex production process.

Cotton harvest

Cooperation with chosen, longstanding cotton producers.

Consistent quality of excellent cotton fibres.

The fairtrade principle guides us in the selection of our suppliers.


The collaboration with longstanding partners guarantees a consistently high standard of quality.

Unvarying spinning methods with certified spinning companies.

The capacities are ensured due to the conclusion of long-term frame contrasts.


Our German partner company provides us withthe indanthrene-dyed and optically brightened yarns.

For decades, colour fastness and shading have been distinguishing features of ours.

The production of customized colours and smallest quantities secure us a competitive advantage.

Weaving preparation

In the stage of weaving preparation only selected and examined yarns are processed. In order to guarantee the constant high-level quality the yarn is monitored by an automatic system.

Weaving mill

Our modern weaving technique allows all kinds of customized designs.

We are able to manufacture a high quantity of linen due to our high production capacity.

Due to our standardized production techniques the manufacturing of small quantities is always possible.


With our own finishing machines we ensure that shrinking is kept to a minimum (sanforization).

Special processes ensure the unique feel and appearance of our products.


We offer special hemming varieties and customized requirements.

Modern technology allows us to manufacture efficiently at competitive prices.


Our worldwide transportation system makes it possible to deliver our goods to customers all over the world.

Certified aviation safety company.

Individual packing and labeling possibilities.

Shipping of minimum quantities is possible.


Only appropriate care of the tablecloth accomplishes the long production process.

The knowledge acquired in decades of caring for high-quality table linen ensures that the guest can enjoy perfect table culture.

Decorated table

Langheinrich – excellent table culture all over the world.

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